Leather Care Guide

From the moment our pieces are crafted until they are delivered to you, they need to be cared for properly.

Looking after your leather handbags simply starts with day-to-day care and storing them in the most appropriate way possible. This will help extend the life of your leather goods for years ahead and avoid irreversible damages to sustain their high-quality finish.


Do clean your handbag with a soft brush or a soft cloth.
Do store your handbag in its original dust bag to avoid stains & scratches. Take the time to empty it to avoid warping.
Do keep your covered handbag in a dry place away from sunlight, artificial heat & humidity.
Do wrap any leather straps or handles in tissue paper otherwise, it will cause them to become stretched, bent, or misshapen.
Do fill your handbag with plain acid-free tissue paper or a white cotton pillow to maintain its original shape.


Don't clean your handbag with any chemical cleaners. Apply water and natural soap or olive oil to the stained area.
Don't overfill your handbag since leather is skin and it can stretch.
Don't use plastic bags for storage, they prevent good ventilation.
Don't apply perfume, hand cream, hand gel, or makeup near your handbag since they can leave a permanent mark.
Don't expose your handbag to sharp surfaces, embellished clothes, or heavy jewelry.

Taking the time to follow these DOs and DONTs will maintain the value & appearance of your most treasured pieces.